Fee-Only, Advice-Only Financial Planning

Bespoke Financial Consulting is a fee-only, advice-only financial planning firm in Toronto. We sell financial planning advice only. We do not sell or manage investments, or any other financial products. As a result, we do not receive commissions or compensation of any kind. Nor do we receive fees from referrals we may make to other professionals. This means you receive independent and objective financial advice, – free from any potential conflicts of interest. We review your financial situation and offer comprehensive planning advice tailored to your personal financial goals and objectives. Our advice is provided on an hourly or retainer basis. Our fee is transparent and agreed upon in writing at the beginning of our engagement.

Financial Planning for Life’s Transitions

Many of our clients seek our financial planning services in response to a life event such as a job loss, retirement, separation, divorce, death, illness, or sudden wealth. There are many financial decisions that need to be made at such times, and they are often time-sensitive. Our clients ask many financial questions related to these life transitions such as, "What are the tax implications?" or "Will I run out of money?". We help you understand your options and guide you, so that you can confidently make informed financial decisions about your future.

The Value of Financial Planning

A well designed financial plan will help you balance your needs today with your goals for the future and ultimately help you work towards financial independence. A financial plan brings together all of the pieces of your financial puzzle so you can be assured that everything is working together. We provide financial planning services in many areas, including: retirement, tax minimization, financially assisting children and grandchildren, protecting lifestyle, philanthropy and legacy planning. Some clients require a comprehensive financial plan, while others are simply looking for a second opinion. Others feel overwhelmed by all of the financial information available today and are looking for guidance. Working with the experienced team of professionals at Bespoke Financial, we can help you take action and achieve peace of mind.