Podcast about the benefits of fee-only financial planning during transitional times such as job loss.

In this podcast from January 7, 2014, a fee-only financial planner, of Bespoke Financial in Toronto, talks with Pamela Johnston of the Breadwomen Project about the importance of getting an unbiased opinion during transitional times. Specifically, they look at job loss and how to regain a broader

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Podcast about Living for the Moment versus Planning for the Future, with Susan Stefura, fee-only financial planner in Toronto

This is a podcast from February 12, 2014, featuring Bespoke Financial Consulting, as rep talks with Pamela Johnston of The Breadwomen Project about finding the happy money medium between living for the moment and planning for the future. This podcast is entitled Live for the moment vs.

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Is a Fee-Only Financial Planner Right for you?

We all face life events that excite and challenge us, whether it’s marriage, birth of a child or grandchild, job loss, retirement, illness, divorce or death of a loved one. How many of these have you faced in your own lifetime? These life events often come with

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Defining and Finding a fee-only financial planner in Toronto

One of the first questions we always ask a potential client is, ‘how did you hear about us?’ but what we really want to know is ‘how on earth did you find us?’. There aren’t many fee-only financial planner types to begin with and you won’t find

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