10 Questions to Ask your Planner – Financial Planning Standards Council’s (FPSC®), November 6, 2019
Financial planners can help you plan for retirement, find the best way to finance a new home, save for your child’s education or simply help put your finances in order. Whatever your needs, working with an appropriately qualified financial planner is a crucial step in helping you meet short-term and long- term goals that will help ensure your future financial well-being. Read more here.

“Sell your stocks before you retire? Not so fast.”, by Guy Dixon, Globe Investor, The Globe and Mail, Friday, Sep. 18, 2015
A key commandment of investing may be – sacré bleu! – wrong.
The accepted rule has always been that one shall not stay heavily invested in stocks as retirement approaches, but move into bonds and other fixed-income securities. The goal is preserving one’s savings and leaving stock volatility behind….Read more here

“Retirement Planning. Balancing growth and guarantees in retirement planning.”,
by Mary Gooderham, Globe Advisor, June 23, 2015

Canadians want to grow their retirement funds, but they also want security. How advisors can help investors achieve these very different goals. For investors looking to grow their retirement funds but who also want security, retirement planning is critical….Read more here

RRSP or TFSA? Invest in both if you can, financial advisers say” by Linda Nguyen, The Canadian Press, Published Monday, February 16, 2015
Instead of debating the merits of an RRSP or a TFSA, Canadians should consider socking away money in both types of accounts for the best tax breaks, financial advisers say.
But since that can be a challenge for most people, the decision of where to save boils down to what you want to use the money for, your income and how much you expect to earn in retirement.
“In a perfect world, people would be maximizing both their RRSPs and TFSA contributions,” Read more here

“Money issues top source of stress: Survey” for Canadian HR Reporter, September 8, 2014 issue
Offering financial planning help to employees can ease worries, particularly for senior executives. Download this .pdf article here.

“10 Fees That Might Be Worth Paying” by Rob Engen, Toronto Star, December 28, 2013
Some fees we just love to hate, so we try to avoid them at all costs. But other fees can be worth it if they save you time and money in the end. So what makes a fee worth paying?…. Read more here.

The Value of Financial Planning – Financial Planning Standards Council’s (FPSC®)
The  FPSC® purpose is to instil confidence in the financial planning profession by establishing, enforcing and promoting appropriately high standards for financial planners in Canada. We are concerned that many Canadians are not receiving the financial planning help they need. We believe that when Canadians engage in financial planning with a qualified practitioner, their emotional and financial well-being will improve.  Download this .pdf article here.