One-on-one financial counselling and education for employees

Individuals going through a major life transition such as termination of employment are faced with many financial decisions at an already difficult time. We guide clients through the financial decisions they will need to make with respect to their severance package, pension plan choices and other company benefits. Some clients are wondering if they even need to return to work or can afford to retire; we help assess if early retirement or semi-retirement are options. Others are considering starting a new business. We provide the information and advice people need to make the best financial decisions during this life transition.

Group workshops for employees in transition affected by a corporate reorganization

For a group of individuals who have been downsized, retired or offered a voluntary retirement program, we can provide financial planning group workshops which explain the choices and decisions they need to make, simply and clearly. Offering financial planning workshops through an independent, fee only financial planning company, is a cost-effective way of providing the support your employees need during this transition. Offering this type of support during a difficult time shows all of your employees that you care about their well-being and are committed to making the transition easier for everyone.

Group workshops for employees on a variety of financial planning topics

The greatest asset your company has is its people. Financial stress among Canadians is high and employees spend much of their time at the office worrying about their finances. What affects your employees also affects your business – financially-distressed employees are less productive, less engaged, are absent more often and cost companies money. Financial planning and retirement education workshops provide the knowledge and tools to help your employees take control of their finances and reduce their financial stress. Studies have shown that financial education workshops in the workplace provide the following benefits to the corporation:

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater employee engagement and retention
  • Satisfaction with salaries and compensation
  • Increased benefit and pension participation
  • Reduced personal financial stress
  • Improved emotional and mental well-being – reduced absenteeism, disability leave

Our workshops can be tailored for your specific company benefits programs.

Personal Financial Planning for your corporate executives

As a top Canadian employer, providing your key executives with comprehensive personal financial planning as part of their benefits package, sets you apart.  As a fee-only, advice-only, financial planning company, we provide objective and independent advice only. We work with your key executives to ensure they are planning for and protecting their family’s future.