Business owners have more financial complexity to their affairs. They have the wealth in their business, as well as their personal wealth. Our integrated personal and business financial plan incorporates all of the elements of a personal comprehensive financial plan while at the same time integrating the assets and income of a business owner’s operating company and/or holding company.

While many business owners recognize the importance of personal financial planning, they are often too busy growing their businesses to spend much time doing personal and/or business planning and, as a result, miss potential planning opportunities. Some of the common questions we can help answer include the following:

  • How much and what type of income should I be withdrawing from my company?
  • Should I wind up my holding company?
  • What are the tax and other implications to my business if I were to die tomorrow?
  • Do I have enough life insurance? Should my business own life insurance?
  • Does my will deal properly with my business?
  • How can I avoid taxes at death?

If you are a business owner, contact us to further discuss how our integrated personal and business financial plan will benefit you.

Rate: $ 8,500 and up (+HST)
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