Image of two women meetingAt Bespoke Financial we offer two types of financial planning services: Financial Counselling and Financial Planning.

Our Financial Counselling Services typically involve one meeting to review and discuss a specific life event or transition and answer your financial questions. Or perhaps you are simply looking for a second opinion about a financial issue. Our primary goal at these meetings is to identify and discuss your options with you and provide the financial education necessary to help you make informed financial decisions.

An image of the financial planning processOur Financial Planning Services typically include two meetings. At the first meeting we review your personal and financial goals and objectives along with the relevant financial information. We then analyze your current financial situation to identify planning opportunities. At the second meeting we present and discuss your written financial plan with you and provide our recommendations. Your financial plan will provide you with clear, actionable next steps to realize your goals. Where the implementation requires specialized expertise, we are happy to work with your existing advisors (accountant, lawyer, etc). Or, you can access our extensive network of professional advisors. It is important that all your professional advisors work in unison so that the pieces of your financial plan fit together properly.

Financial planning is an ongoing process; life happens, markets fluctuate, interest rates and tax legislation changes. For these reasons, we recommend you update your plan on a regular basis to ensure you stay on track to achieving your goals.