Image of getting from point A to point BWe offer different levels of financial planning, depending on your needs and circumstances. Every client has a unique personal situation with specific financial goals. We tailor our financial plans based on each individual client’s unique situation.

Whether you are going through one of life’s transitions such as retirement, job loss, divorce, or the death of a spouse or partner, and need financial counselling, Bespoke Financial can help by clarifying your options and helping you make informed decisions. Many of our clients are simply wondering, ‘can I afford to retire now?’ – our retirement planning service will help answer this question. Perhaps something in your personal life has changed or you are navigating a new aspect of your wealth and need some advice with your estate planning. You may simply be looking for an unbiased review of your overall financial situation – our comprehensive financial planning service is ideal for this. Or, if you are a business owner and your financial situation is more complicated, our integrated personal and business financial plan will help you see how it all fits together. Our investment planning service provides a review of your family’s overall asset allocation factoring in all investable assets. With the uncertain economic times in which we live, no matter what your level of financial expertise – novice or seasoned investor – often a second opinion is warranted to ensure you make the best decision for you.

With our fee-only, advice-only financial planning approach, you can be confident that our advice and recommendations are unbiased. Whenever you need objective advice, Bespoke Financial will help you understand your options and work with you to choose the best strategy based on your personal situation.

For our corporate clients, we offer financial planning education workshops, financial counselling services for employees in transition and financial planning for senior executives.