Image of a Scale - symbolizing Pension Decision optionsChoosing between staying in your company pension plan or taking the lump sum commuted value amount, is one of the biggest, and sometimes unexpected, financial decisions people have to make. Not only is this decision often irreversible, but the amounts involved are often significant. At the same time, the information provided is often incomplete or difficult to understand. Keep in mind, the right decision for your colleague, may not be the right decision for you. Making the right decision can be difficult.

There are a variety of factors to consider when making this all-important and time-sensitive decision. We review these factors with you and discuss how they apply to your unique situation. Our service includes a review of your documents, an analysis and a final report which is presented to you at a meeting.

Rate: $1,500* + HST

* Where retirement projections are prepared to include these pension options, an additional $1,000 fee applies.