Here’s what our clients are saying:

Bespoke Financial is very aware of the panic that executives can feel at the prospect of no longer working and can address it admirably. It was a great exercise. You were both empathetic and helpful with our situation. We have had a plan prepared in the past but the service you provided was far more thorough and is allowing us to see how we can make our retirement work for us over the next 30 years.

– L.& G.
Toronto, Ontario

Thank you for all your hard work.  I found everything you put together very thorough and interesting. I appreciate all the work you put into this and would highly recommend you and your service at any time. It has been very informative and an essential step in clarifying how to organize my personal affairs.

– M.D.
Business Owner
Ottawa, Ontario

I want to thank you for the solid and comprehensive plan you prepared for me. You have been generous with your time and knowledge. I value the time that we spent together and your open invitation for me to be able to consult with you going forward. You are so good at what you do!

– B.P.
Waterloo, Ontario

This was fabulous! An extremely valuable exercise for us to do right now – we really needed this.

– M.&.K.
Business Owners
Winnipeg, Manitoba

You have a remarkable ability to listen and to capture all of the important points about us as individuals, as a couple and as a family. Your work on analyzing where we stand in terms of risks, obligations, options and opportunities gave us a great deal to think about over the coming weeks. But there is no question that we will be following the direction you have suggested. This is our first experience in dealing with a senior financial planner like yourself. We will not hesitate to recommend your services to our friends here in Ottawa and Toronto. We are very grateful for all you’ve done for us.

– J. & M.
Business Owner
Ottawa, Ontario

Cherise, I just wanted to thank you for all of your assistance in 2012. My wife and I have largely implemented the financial plan you developed – including most of the steps you set out too. It feels good to have a clear plan in place and it is one of the things I’m happiest about from 2012. Many thanks for all your hard work in helping us develop the plan.

– D.S.
Business Owner
Toronto, Ontario

Our meeting last week was very helpful. I am feeling comfortable and secure with everything you presented. Once again, thank you Cherise.

– L.S.
Barrie, Ontario

I must THANK YOU for the preparation and time you spent with my daughters and myself. It was an exceptional meeting which I benefited greatly from. The planning process is totally worthwhile. Being a visual person having everything in black and white brings everything home from me to act on. Your Action Plan checklist is bang on. Thank you again.

– D.W.
Oakville, Ontario

You have made this transition more comfortable for me and I am very grateful; as you saw, it has been very overwhelming for me. Your kindness is truly appreciated. You lifted my spirits and provided me some much needed calmness and peacefulness in my situation.

– S.M.
Recently terminated
Pickering, Ontario